Proactol is a clinically acclaimed appetite suppressant that can effectively treat obesity in a natural way. Inform yourself about this useful drug, including its usage, ingredients, dosage, and side effects.

What is Proactol?

It is globally used as a fat binding pill for drastic weight loss in individuals who are facing difficulties due to excessive accumulation of fats in the body. The drug is considered safe, owing to its ability to emulsify fats without causing any serious consequences. After a lot of extensive research, medical experts consider this particular drug as one of the few weight loss supplements, which has shown promising results in the past. The medically backed weight loss product is available in the form of tablets as well as capsules.

Proactol Uses

As a fat binder, the drug reduces fat absorption up to 27.4%. In this way, it diminishes the feeling of hunger and resists overweight individuals from indulging in rich fatty foods. Frequent consumption of high calorie filler foods are one of the chief reasons for unnecessary weight gain, which could be prevented with the intake of the fat soaking pill. Low calorie intake is promoted by the body’s ability to absorb less number of fat molecules. The drug not only re-energizes the body but also lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments due to the excess buildup of fat.

Proactol Ingredients

The fat binding potential of the drug lies in its herbal ingredients. Prickly Pear/NeOpuntia, a type of cactus commonly found in South America, forms the main constituent of the pill. This native cactus provides the necessary fiber complexes that strongly bind to the fat particles and increases the rate of digestion of the ingested food. This results in abdominal fullness and a deviation from consuming high calorie edible items. Users of the drug will not be able to consume more than 300 calories per day. The other natural ingredients of the appetite suppressant are also derived from several organic elements that facilitate the process of fat emulsification. These include:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate
  • Povidone
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silica

Proactol Mechanism of Action

Prickly pear comprises of two types of fibers, in which one is water-soluble while the other remains insoluble. The soluble fiber is directly absorbed by the body. On the other hand, the indissoluble fiber traps the fat molecules and inhibits them from getting permeated into the tissues. It is more of a fat blocker than a cholesterol binder. The inability of the body to absorb the insoluble fiber causes its expulsion in a natural manner along with the fats. The soluble fiber curtails the appetite by converting the ingested food into a viscous, gel-like mass, which does not undergo digestion. This explains the cause of long-term stomach fullness after a meal. Most importantly, the drug is greatly responsible for blood sugar stabilization. This is usually performed by converting the carbohydrates into glucose. A sudden rise in the blood glucose levels boosts energy, which needs to be immediately utilized otherwise this may again lead to accumulation of fat. However, the fat soaking drug slows this process and allows all the energy to get properly expended.

Proactol Dosage

The recommended dose is 2-3 tablets/capsules after each meal. This can be increased to 3-4 pills after the consumption of a high-fat meal. Obese patients are advised not to have more than 9 tablets/capsules. After a brief period of time, usually 6 months, one can see the drastic change in weight. In order to obtain quick results, the weight loss supplement must be combined with a healthy lifestyle, consisting of a nutritional diet and moderate intensity exercises.

Proactol Side effects

The drug is completely innocuous as claimed by many physicians, mainly because of its herbal constituents. The mechanism of action of the herbal medicine is totally different. The drug binds to the fats instead of blocking them. This is completely in contrast to other weight loss products. The natural conversion of the fat particles into undigested materials does not result in any abdominal discomfort or other digestive-related conditions. Yet, some users experience mild abdominal problems such as flatulence, which obviously disappears after a while. Few clinicians believe that the drug may prevent even the normal absorption of fats required for some vital processes in the body.

Proactol Precautions

Consumption of the drug is prohibited in some cases, despite the presence of natural constituents and its long-term benefits. Some of the instructions that need to be followed before using the pill are:

  • Do not take the drug if you are using other cholesterol-reducing medicines
  • Do not consume it if you are suffering from glaucoma, diabetes or any renal disorder
  • Women who are pregnant or having pregnancy plans must not use it
  • Nursing mothers should avoid the drug as some of its metabolites might get excreted in breast milk
  • Do not use the medicine if you are below the age of 12

Proactol Overdose

Higher doses of the fat binding drug can cause complications like:

  • Loss of bowel control and oily stools
  • Fatigue
  • Liver inflammation

Proactol Price

Proactol Plus is the new brand name and an improved version of the drug. It is a patented fiber complex with 100% natural and organic contents. It is safe and has undergone many clinical trials in renowned healthcare institutions of UK and US. The drug can be bought from any medical shop or online pharmaceutical stores. 120 pills may cost around $89.95 for a month supply. There are some discount codes available for the appetite suppressant on various online sites and it can be purchased at a cheap rate. It would be advisable to check the authenticity of the feedbacks and reviews about the herbal pill before giving it a try as this could be another weight loss scam.

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